Reservation Stipulations

1. Reservation Execution

1.1. A reservation secures the lessee the right to lease a specific category of automobile and any supplementary accessories, to be collected at the predetermined time, date, and locale, provided that the lessee complies with our established rental prerequisites.

2. Remuneration

2.1. Lessees utilizing our digital platforms may elect to either prepay for their lease or effectuate payment upon arrival at the rental facility. Opting for prepayment signifies consent for Konvin Car Rental to process the total amount due through the lessee’s selected payment method and denotes agreement to these Reservation Stipulations.
2.2. Certain ancillary services may not be eligible for online prepayment and must thus be settled directly at the rental office upon initiation of the lease term.
2.3. Validation of lease engagement necessitates presentation of a credit card in the lessee’s name; remote or third-party credit card verifications are not permissible. Accepted credit cards include Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. Debit cards bearing the Visa or Mastercard insignia may be accepted under certain conditions of payment authorization. Cash payments and preloaded credit cards are not recognized forms of payment.
2.4. At lease commencement, a hold will be placed on the lessee’s card to ensure coverage for estimated ancillaries, fuel, and traffic-related fines. In cases where the lease has not been prepaid, this hold will also encompass the entire lease cost, which will be subsequently utilized to settle the final leasing charges. Should there be additional charges exceeding the hold amount, the lessee consents to the processing of these charges via the same credit instrument.

3. Reservation Modifications

3.1. Alterations to a reservation are contingent upon vehicle availability at the moment of the requested change and are subject to prevailing rates, which may result in a different pricing structure.
3.2. For prepaid reservations, any modifications resulting in a decreased total cost will not be subject to a refund. Instead, the price differential may be applied as a credit towards additional services during the lease period.
3.3. Early vehicle returns for prepaid leases are not subject to reimbursement for the unutilized portion of the lease term.

4. Reservation Cancellation

4.1. Cancellations made more than one week before the rental starts is 100% fully refundable. 

4.2. Cancellations made less than one week before the rental starts is 90% refundable. Service charge is 10% of total price. 

4.3. No-show or cancellations made within 24 hours before rental starts are not refundable in any way. 

4.4. To guarantee a reservation KONVIN requires a valid credit card which will be charged at the time of your booking. 

5. Age Requirements and Driving Licensure

5.1. Renter must be at least 20 years old for economy, compact, and mid-sized vehicles, and 23 years old for mid-size 4×4 and large 4×4. 

5.2. At the time of rental, the driver must present a driving license that they have held for at least one year (three years for larger SUVs and luxury cars). If the driving license does not show the driver has held it for the minimum period then they must provide evidence, such as previous driving licenses or a letter from their driving license authority stating that they have held it for at least the minimum period.

5.3. The rental of larger vehicles which require advanced licenses necessitates the driver to present the appropriate valid license.

5.4. Drivers must bring an international driving license or an official translation if: The driving license was issued in a non-roman alphabet like Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Russian, Hebrew or Japanese or other similar non-roman alphabet-based languages.

The driving license was issued outside of Europe or North America.

5.5. Additional drivers must be registered on the rental agreement and meet the same driving license criteria that the main driver is.

6. Delays in Vehicle Collection

6.1. Should there be a postponement in flight arrival, we shall maintain the reservation for the vehicle at no additional expense, conditional upon inclusion of flight details within the booking to facilitate preparation for the lessee’s reception.

6.2. Assurance for vehicle availability extends for 24 hours from the originally scheduled lease start time. Beyond this period, the provision or readiness of the vehicle cannot be guaranteed.

7. General Provisions

7.1. Under no circumstance shall the vehicle be permitted to exit the national borders during the rental tenure