The Top Scenic Drives in Iceland and How to Access Them by Rental Car

Iceland’s a top destination for a road trip with plenty of attractive scenery no matter which part of the country you find yourself in. Many travellers are keen to loop the country’s ring road, but some parts of the country are worth a more in-depth look. Some routes are especially pretty and you are likely […]

The Ultimate Guide to Renting a Car on the Reykjanes Peninsula: What You Need to Know

If you’re in the early stages of planning a trip to Iceland, then you’ll already be considering renting a car. The majority of international flights to Iceland arrive at Keflavik Airport, so you’ll almost certainly be starting your trip on the Reykjanes peninsula. But although there’s plenty to see very close by, you’ll also want […]

The Top 10 Must-See Attractions in Reykjanes Peninsula Accessible by Car

So you’ve picked up your car from Konvin and you’re ready to take a drive around the Reykjanes peninsula. Where should you go? Here are the top 10 must-see attractions in the Reykjanes peninsula that are accessible by car. The Blue Lagoon This fabulous luxury spa has long been a favourite with visiting tourists. But […]

The Complete Guide to Car Rental in Iceland: What Every Tourist Should Know

If you’re planning to hire a car in Iceland, there are certain considerations that might influence your decision. Take a look at Konvin’s complete guide to car rental in Iceland; here’s what we think every tourist should know before getting behind the wheel. Have a rough idea of your route Different routes within Iceland present […]

The Best Time of Year to Rent a Car and Drive in Iceland

There’s no bad time to rent a car and drive in Iceland, but there are pros and cons of driving around the country at different times of the year. If you’re thinking of coming but aren’t sure which season’s best, here at Konvin we can offer you some pointers to help you plan your trip. […]

Safety First: What to Do in Case of a Road Emergency in Iceland

No one wants to have to deal with a road emergency, least of all while you’re on holiday. But sometimes, unfortunate things happen, so it always pays to know what you should do, even though you hope it’s not the kind of information you’ll ever need. Be sure to put your safety and that of […]

How to Plan the Perfect Day Trip Across the Reykjanes Peninsula by Car

Since the current wave of volcanic activity on the Reykjanes peninsula kicked off a few years ago, tourists are waking up to the potential of this previously overlooked part of Iceland. Instead of jumping in their rental car and driving right past, increasing numbers of travellers are finding that the area itself makes a rewarding […]

How to choose the right rental car for your Iceland adventure

Iceland’s dramatic landscapes and relatively quiet roads make it a great choice for a road trip. If you’re planning to spend some of your vacation time exploring on our roads, there are a few pointers we can give you to help you choose the right rental car for your Iceland adventure. Size matters Getting the […]

Understanding Icelandic Culture on the Road

Travel is all about experiencing different traditions, customs and ways of looking at life. A road trip provides the ideal opportunity to do just that. If you’re planning to organise your rental car through Konvin, let’s take a look at some of the ways you’ll find yourself understanding Icelandic culture on the road. Embrace the […]

The top 10 destinations for a self-drive tour in Iceland

Are you planning a trip to Iceland soon? It can be hard to pin down where to stop and what to see because there’s just so much choice. We have some suggestions to go with our wide selection of vehicles. Here are our picks for ten destinations for a self-drive tour in Iceland. Reykjanes Let’s […]