How to choose the right rental car for your Iceland adventure

Iceland’s dramatic landscapes and relatively quiet roads make it a great choice for a road trip. If you’re planning to spend some of your vacation time exploring on our roads, there are a few pointers we can give you to help you choose the right rental car for your Iceland adventure.

Size matters

Getting the size of your rental vehicle right is vital if everyone is to be comfortable. No one needs to spend their holiday squashed up against the door or buried under bags that won’t fit in the boot. So the number of people and the length of the trip you intend driving are important considerations. If there are only two of you and you’re in Iceland for a long weekend making relatively short journeys, a compact car is likely to be just fine. But if you’re a party of four with enough luggage for a couple of weeks, then you’ll be glad you splurged on an upgrade for that extra space. Similarly if you plan to spend long days in the car covering a much longer distance, being able to stretch out a bit will be a bonus.

It’s a myth that a 4×4 is essential

Whether you need an all-wheel drive vehicle or not depends a lot on where you’re going. Many first time visitors to Iceland stick fairly close to Reykjavik. You might spend a day exploring the Reykjanes peninsula, perhaps, and maybe venture up to Snaefellsnes or loop the Golden Circle. You might even plan an out and back drive along the south coast. If that sounds enticing, then know that for those routes a regular car will be just fine. If you’re travelling further afield, such as to the Westfjords or to East Iceland, you’re more likely to be driving for some of the time on gravel or steeper roads. This is when a 4×4 really comes into its own.

What about winter driving? Should I be worried?

Iceland’s weather can be unpredictable. For some visitors, that only adds to the adventurous nature of the country as a tourist destination. Even in summer, heavy downpours and strong winds can happen from time to time, while during the colder months you can just as easily be driving under blue skies as through a blizzard. If you rent a car during this period, it will be fitted with winter tyres which help give you more traction. It’s also a smart move to keep an eye on forecasts, listen to local advice and allow plenty of time to return to the airport at the end of your trip. But don’t be put off driving in Iceland in winter, as it’s often a magical time to go exploring.

Is it worth hiring a camper van?

In summer, the supply of accommodation in certain parts of Iceland struggles to meet demand. Things can get tight in the height of summer and those booking last minute can find their choices are limited in popular spots like the south coast. You’ll find something, of course, but there may be a compromise to make in terms of price or location. Perhaps, too, you don’t like to over-plan, preferring spontaneity and decisions made on the spur of the moment. If that sounds like your kind of travel, then renting a camper van gives you a lot more flexibility. You don’t need to pre-book Icelandic campsites so when you’ve finished your sightseeing, you can find one that suits and pull in for the night.

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